The Fresh Start Initiative

I’m sure you’ve heard a radio commercial by some large tax debt resolution firm claiming they can save you thousands of dollars in taxes. The one I most frequently hear is one with a guy claiming that he paid pennies on the dollar and got a “fresh start”. What these commercials don’t tell you is that these same firms are notorious for charging excessive up front fees, and their customers frequently complain that they didn’t get the customer service or results they paid for. I’m not trying to say that hiring a professional representative is bad, but when it comes to solving IRS problems, it’s important to hire the best.

The Fresh Start Initiative was an IRS announcement made over a decade ago for the purpose of making it easier for individuals and business owners to resolve their tax debt issues. The IRS is governed by federal law to collect taxes without causing a financial hardship, but you have to be able to prove what you can afford to pay. The Fresh Start Initiative is a series of rule changes designed to make it easier to set up an affordable payment plan or even to settle your tax debt entirely.

It is possible to negotiate an IRS agreement on your own, but even getting a live person on the phone is a challenge! I am an Enrolled Agent which means that I studied for and passed rigorous tests covering individual income tax laws, entity tax laws, and ethics. This designation allows me to represent any taxpayer in front of any level of the IRS without limitations. Don’t pay a shady debt resolution firm too much to achieve too little, give me a call and I guarantee I will get you the best possible result!

Austin Long

Enrolled Agent and Owner of Taxation Representation, LLC

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